Firstly I want to start by saying, that I wish you the best for 2018!

So, we have started a new year with new challenges and the most important and the blessed part of it, more babies or little children that will go to a loving home! Is this not wonderful and what we are all striving towards!

For those who are adopting for the first time a special warm welcome and I hope that you will be extremely happy with your stay and enjoy your new child and all the new adoptive friends that you will meet. To become a Mommy and Daddy is such a blessing so do enjoy these first days of experiencing parenthood!

For you who are back for the second or even third time a big hug from me and the Break-Away team. May your stay be filled with new and unforgettable memories!

Please be aware that it is the goal of me and the team to make your stay unforgettable! So, please remember that I am just a phone call away – whenever you need me. Or, of course you may mail as well.

This year we will have in our team to make sure that your days with us will be a dream come true – Liaan, Nick, Johan, Fanie and others. Liaan and Nick are experts in their field and know and love the outside world with a passion.

Be happy!

Martie Swart

Belgium Denmark Finland Germany Netherlands Norway Sweden South Africa