Roots and Origin Enquiry Visits

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Dear Adoptive forever family

Let me introduce myself to you although you know me and the services of Break-Away Travel and Accommodation since 2001. I am Martie Swart of Break-Away Travel and Accommodation. I am the preferred travel agent for Abba Adoptions. Till now Break-Away was in working agreement with ABBA Adoptions to take care of the needs for the adoption couples from the point that they receive the “magical phone call” to when they mail me to make arrangements for their stay during the adoption process. Break-Away then would arrange the accommodation, arranging for the meeting at the airport make appointments for the visits to the baby shelters and also any travel arrangements that the couple would like to do during the time in South Africa.

Many of you have travelled back already for holiday visit and many of these visits were planned by

Included in these trips were your roots requests that were planned as part of your holiday.

NOW THERE IS A NEW AND EXCITING FACADE WAITING FOR ALL OF US! Being the return visits for either official roots visits or for official origin enquiry visits. This of course is a very exciting moment for all of us and the children that will be part of these visits.

I am honoured and excited to be part of this extension of services to you.

I would like to offer the services of Break-Away again in the preparation for the visits whether it is for official roots visit or official origin enquiry visit.

I feel I would like to clarify again the role of Break-Away in this processes.

Break-away has been contracted by Abba Adoption to take on the extra role to assist in the arrangements of roots visits and visits regarding the origin enquiry process together of course – should you so choose – arranging your holiday as well.


You will inform your organisation of your visit and also mail direct to me Martie at You will then state using the necessary forms (that will be provided to you) what your requests are. Whether it is for official roots visit or for origin enquiry, or perhaps both.
I will then differentiate between roots or origin enquiry.  If it is for official roots visit I will deal with it personally and arrange all your needs from visiting shelters to meeting specific persons of your choice to any travel arrangements that you might have. (Travel arrangements to be discussed later in this document)

I will then go through your requests and arrange accordingly the visit/s to the mentioned shelter and arrange to meet preferred people that you might want to meet again at the shelters.

If it is your wish to meet with someone specific at the Abba Office I will make the arrangements for you.

If your visit is origin enquiry related I will forward your detail –as per the post adoption notice form that you have filled out – to the contact person at ABBA adoptions. These visits are legislated by the Children’s Act, Act 38 of 2005.  In accordance with the Act, any origin enquiry relating to the identifying detail of the specific adoption, will only be facilitated by Abba on behalf of the adoptive parents. This process will be done in collaboration with the Registrar of Adoptions in SA. This can only be arranged after the 18th birthday of the child. These visits will have to be planned 6 months before you are planning to travel due to the intensive preparation and availability of files and staff.  These will be official request via your mediation organization that will in their turn contact Abba to arrange –parents to complete Post Adoption Service notice attached.

Although your visit might be for origin enquiry Break-Away can still offer to assist you with all accommodation and travel arrangements. I can either plan a guided trip for you through our beautiful country or if you prefer to do self-drive, assist with the planning thereof.

So after we have established if your visit would be for roots or origin enquiry we will firstly sort that out and make all the necessary appointments for you. Then we can start to plan any possible trip for you.



Please take note that these are only guide lines. Break-away plan handmade travel programmes to each and every couple. So you will look at all the options mentioned and then from there you will choose what you would prefer and I will do the rest for you.

You can contact me 6 months before your departure that will still be good enough. But of course you are welcome to start with you communication at any stage that suits you best.


Day one – Depart from accommodation to the Mpumalanga area. Here you will stay in a lovely family resort with swimming pool and little hiking trails etc.

Day two – Mpumalanga

Day Three – Mpumalanga

Activities will be:

  • Visit lovely caves. How deep you will go in will depend on the ages of your children
  • Waterfalls, you can actually walk right up to one of the smaller falls and have a cool swim under the waterfall
  • God’s Window (or wonder view), Bourke’s Luck Potholes – very beautiful, Three Rondawels etc.
  • Boat trip on the Blyde Canyon – unforgettable

Day Four – After breakfast you will depart for the Kruger area. You will stay in lovely accommodation with excellent food. They also have a swimming pool.

Day Five – You will go for drives into the park. You will also go on a sunset drive into the park in the afternoon.

Day Six – You will go on an early morning guided walk into the Kruger. This you will never forget. For this activity the children must be 12 years old. But what we always do is that one adult stay behind with the smaller children. But this may be discussed later.

Day Seven – After a nice breakfast you will de part back to Pretoria.


  • Accommodation
  • All meals – meals will mean breakfast, lunch – lunch will mean LIGHT lunch with 1 coffee and 1 beer per adult and 1 cold drink per child, Dinner with drinks as mentioned below
  • 1 Beer per adult per day with lunch and cold drinks for children
  • Wine or Beer with dinner and cold drinks for children
  • 1 Bottle of water per day per person
  • Coffee on the bus for the early morning drives into the Kruger
  • Costs of all activities at Mpumalanga as mentioned above
  • Entrance into the Kruger as well as Sunset Drive and guided walks  where applicable
  • All Road Costs
  • Good  car
  • Service of one of Break-away’s excellent guides that will make sure that all will go perfectly well.



  • Any purchase of personal nature
  • Any snacks
  • Any extra drinks that you might want that is not mentioned as included above
  • Any extra food that you might want that is not mentioned as included above.


This will be an all-inclusive trip. (All-inclusive will means what is mentioned as included above).



Day one to day three -  Depart for Mpumalanga – details as per option 1
Day Four to six – Depart for Kruger – details a per option 1

Day 7 and eight – After breakfast you will depart for Swaziland. This is a lovely rural experience
That both you and the children will find valuable and enjoyable.

Day nine to twelve – after breakfast you will depart for St Lucia. Where you will stay in lovely accommodation with swimming pool.

Activities in St Lucia will be another boat cruise on the estuary where you can spot hippo and crocodile. The hippo and crocodile are protected in St Lucia. Visit a lovely beach – Cape Vidal that is wonderful for swimming and snorkelling. Very beautiful and more.

What will be included and excluded will be the same than option one. Just  that of course now the accommodation and costs for activities are also included.


Extra options that might be added:

From St Lucia you can drive down more towards the Durban area and spend a night or two in nice accommodation and then from there visit the uShaka Aquarium. This is a lovely day trip for young and old.

If you do not want to spend time in the Durban area then from St Lucia you can drive to the beautiful Drakensberg area. Here you can spend another 3 nights. Accommodations that I use here are all lovely and have options for horse riding etc.

Then back to Pretoria.


The options are limitless. It will be much easier to discuss your personal needs once you have decided to make your trip.


Where we go and plan is unlimited!

But to name a few that is not mentioned above ad that was found to be very popular:

This will include the Cape Province
Botswana that  may be combined with Kruger or the Limpopo province
Mozambique. Mozambique may be combined with the Mpumalanga end Kruger part.

Please do not hesitate to mail me directly to discuss your specific needs.